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Surfing In the Beer Dept.

My local big-box grocery store has significantly improved their beer selection to include more craft beers and seasonal offerings from all over. So there I stood last night, wondering what brew should accompany our first dip into the 30’s. One of my autumn favorites, Sierra Nevada Tumbler, was sold out and I spotted a new contribution from New Belgium named Snow Day. You will soon learn that I am not an extreme hops lover. I pulled out my handy, futuristic iphone device to consult the IBU┬áchart. I generally top out around 65. The brutal take no prisoners hops trend pleases my friend Paul to no end, but I like browner beer. Snow Day has a 55 IBU rating, so I picked up a six pack and headed to the register with a gallon of milk and canned tomatillos. You see, I have this other obsession right now; trying to replicate the green sauce from Tortilla’s, a seminal indie-rock burrito joint. More on that later. Oh yeah, the beer. If you like to drink hearty brews by the fireside while contemplating the meaning of life, this beer is for you. Or if you aren’t so serious, it’s still darn tasty. Snow Day has remarkably thick brown ale flavor and just the right hops kick on the top of the palate. A snow day with a couple of Snow Day’s should be in order this winter.

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