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Saturday Night Bridge Party, 1977

Men with cardigans

follow winged women

down to the den.


Tables dressed in white,

folded out like beds.

Sofas and chairs dealt to one side.

High balls from the high shelves

for the sweet      breath      bloody mary.

peanuts with loose red skins,

pillowy mints.


Aces high murmurs

under the television,

no remote.

Love Boat and Fantasy Island



platonic swingers

switch seats and shuffle.


Chris Buechner


Spring Parting

A crow flies over the ball field

its wings barely lit by the sun

  almost to the top of the yellow pines.


(my pastor is leaving)


The sun moves up

       inside the chapel

simplicity welcomes

      the reflections

                                       of bluebirds

                    fading into the walls


(my pastor is leaving)


The pews are stained with my tears

     echoes of my quiet cries to God,

give me strength

mix mud with my eyes

so i may see


A hawk flies over Peachtree Creek

where the shallow ford was crossed


(my pastor is leaving)


Childrens feet and prayer hands

clap and scramble

ring bells and sing

greet and grow

loud and boisterous

like the wild geese

announcing their place

heading away from here


(my pastor is leaving)


Faith is not sedentary

Faith must instigate and take flight

like this church

and the seasons

an the crow

and the bluebirds

and the hawk

and the wild geese

and the holy spirit


Our pastor is on the move.

We are all in flight.


Chris Buechner  2018

AM radio

Listening to baseball
In the car
Cigar, searching for AM stations
South Carolina
Mile long
RollingHighway hills

In the kitchen
Windows open
Cold beer, hot chicken.

In bed, west coast trip
Half asleep
Awake with Headphones
Under my shoulder

Mowing the lawn
The proverbial lawn
Where 6-4-3
Cuts to the heart of the matter.

a slope

down the steps
to a place unknown
though the space above
was quite familiar.
crossing some horizontal plane
falling, tumbling
toward some inner core
staring up through the water
at the shore.
internal combustion
no regrets on the steps
I mean every word I say